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Can updating your landscape help sell your home?

House with for sale sign
house for sale

It can be very important for you to improve your property’s landscape when selling your home. Think of it as a “mini” makeover. Along with getting a better value for your property, you're likely to sell your home faster which is a value in itself. There are many landscape makeover options you can consider that will help to sell your home quickly. And, working with a landscape design company that understands your goals will produce the best results.

  • A minimal landscape design looks appealing to potential home buyers and gives a sense of confidence that they can maintain it and keep it looking as great as it did the day they purchased the home.

  • Take care of the things that are immediately visible. For instance, the entrance of the house. A beautiful entrance setting will be inviting to prospective buyers. Remember what they say about first impressions?

  • Manicure trees and shrubs. Don’t wait till you have a buyer coming to see your home before you put the state of your landscape in order. Trimmed trees and shrubs can greatly beautify your home and give buyers a sense that your property has been maintained and cared for.

Plants with variegated leaves
Add some color!

  • Adding color is a great way to make your home more attractive and inviting while adding desired curb appeal. For example, plants with variegated leaves have a way of giving vibrancy to yard-scapes. Add colorful flowering plants to maximize visual impact. Consider potted plants and place them strategically around your property.

  • Check for irrigation issues. Make sure your plants are receiving the proper amount of water. Any irrigation issues like dry spots or standing water can be off-putting to potential buyers. Remember, most buyers don’t want to inherit problems that will need immediate attention once they move in.

  • Keep it clean. A very clean landscape would give a good first impression. Consider power washing sidewalks, stone edging and driveways. Remove debris from your property and refresh mulch, stone and any other landscape aggregates that have become faded. If your property is empty while on the market, arrange for a landscape professional to visit routinely and take care of any issues.

Potted plant by front door
Potted plants work wonders!

  • Set a budget. A little can go a long way. A fresh look to your existing landscape can make all the difference in getting the right offer for your property. If you use a landscape designer/installer, communicate your budget and goals. A professional landscape company will make recommendations that will accomplish your objective!

Happy selling! Contact us for a free estimate on your residential or commercial landscaping project.

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