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Landscaping Design Versus Landscaping Maintenance: What is The Difference?

Landscaping design and landscaping maintenance work hand in hand – but they provide very different and unique services. While the one plans the design and installs features, the other focuses on maintaining the space for you to enjoy.

A landscaping design company sees your project area as a blank or unfinished canvas. Their purpose is to take your area and transform it into a beautiful space where plants, trees and shrubs can flourish. A landscaping design company like Barta Landscape Makeovers helps you bring your outdoor space to life.

The general process when working with a landscape design company starts with an initial visit. This includes a site analysis and communication with the owners of the space. The landscape designers and the owners discuss the owners’ unique needs and desires. The designers also make recommendations on which plants or features would best meet the clients’ vision, taste, and style. They can also advise on the best plants to use depending on the location and climate.

The designers then design and create a beautiful layout to present to the owners. Here clients have the opportunity to make changes to the design. Once the design is approved, the landscaping design company builds and installs the landscape.

A landscaping maintenance company works to maintain the space once the landscape design has been installed. Their services often include lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, fertilizing, and mulching. Essentially, they make sure that the completed artwork stays as stunning as the day it was created.

A landscaping design company such as Barta Landscape Makeovers will design a space that suits your needs and personal style. On the other hand, a landscaping maintenance company will keep your outdoor space flourishing.


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