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  • Tina Barta

Baby, it's cold outside. What to know about your plants and Florida winters.

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Florida winters are tricky as they can have freezing temperatures one day and three days later, be in the 80’s. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can trim those plants that have been damaged from the cold. Wait it out until March.

sand snowman

After a frost or freeze, plants may not show damage for 5-10 days later.

Damage may present itself as brown crispy leaves. Making you think the plants need water. When in fact, the leaves are burnt. Black edges on leaves may look like the plant has a fungus or the leaves/plant looks droopy. Leaf drop is also a common symptom of cold damage.

It’s best to leave the plants as they are. Don’t trim! The damage that has been done will actually serve as protection against further damage from additional cold weather.

Don’t forget to give your plants a drink... but only a few times a month if we haven’t had rain. It’s very important not to overwater this time of year as the plants are in a period of dormancy. Absolutely no fertilizer is needed. Plants (and trees) only need to be fertilized 3 times a year. Spring, Summer and Fall.

More information on keeping your plants protected during a freeze.

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